CloudX Hosting

Privacy Policy // GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

Here at CloudX, we follow strict GDPR protocol, to keep your data safe. We follow all GDPR requirements as set out b the European Union!
Below, we have lsted the data we collect and for what reason, please make sure to review this policy reguarly, as it may change from week to week.

CloudX uses may types of data, to personalise the service to you, allowing us to give you a better service. To do this CloudX must collect information about you or certain persons. CloudX collects the bare minimum amount of data required to be a hosting company, we do not store most of the data, most of the data is handled by third party companies such as PayPal who you (the client) have agreeded to their Terms of Service. CloudX only uses your data to support you, we do not sell your data under any circumstances, regardless of the case, context or matter. Only Developers, and the Owners can access sensitive data such as addresses, which are processed by PayPal. If required by law enforcement, we will co-operate with them to keep your data safe. Your data will not be transfered unwillingly by us without your prior consent.